Sale Clear Headed Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

Clear Headed Essential Oil Blend (10ml)


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Clear Headed Blend

essential oil blend for adults and children
100% Pure, premium grade oils of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Palmarosa, Cypress, Cistus.

CLEAR HEADED has been amazingly blended for support of the body in restoring balance to the left and right hemispheres of the brain; down to the base of the spinal column. If you experience periodic episodes of irritability, crankiness, discomfort or ‘I want to call it quits and go hide in a cave’ -- rather than popping some pills, try the CLEAR HEADED blend. Apply it to the temples and the back of your neck at the hairline. Your body, family and friends will thank you.

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They're SMART*

NamanaLiri™ products have been energetically ‘unlocked’ – so the innate healing wisdom of the plant materials are made available to support individual health, wellness and personal growth. We refer to our products as SMART products. What does SMART mean?

S   Synergetic; Our products work cooperatively with you.

M   Matter; The material substances that make up our products are

A   Adaptogenic; promoting systemic homeostasis

R   Resonant; producing a resonant vibration and are

T    Transformative;

We may not always know what your body needs at the deepest level, but our products know how to interact with your system to support you.


NamanaLiri™’s essential oil experts approach formulations from an alchemical, synergetic and energetic frame of reference, rather than the chemical-mechanical perspective. In other words, the blends we offer are formulated in co-creation with the oils themselves. Literally, we have allowed the oils to teach us how to combine and use them for the best possible outcomes. Blending is done in a very specific manner that enables the oils to work together as one complete oil, designed for specific uses and with the advantage of being adaptogenic, so they will work with your specific mind/body’s needs.

LOVE: From Seed to Oil

Many essential oils are extracted using astringent chemicals, toxic solvents, aggressive agitation, excessive heat and energy-intensive “complete” distillation. Such methods are not only disrespectful to the plant, but can degrade beneficial energies and compounds. We know that there are many facets of growth, harvest and production that fundamentally influence the end-result essential oil such as:

  • Where the plant material was grown
  • How it was grown and cared for
  • When and how it was harvested
  • How the essences were extracted
  • How the raw essences are stored, packaged and shipped

All of these interactions make fundamental differences in the oils produced. To this end, we have identified our own stringent and specific requirements and only accept oils that were produced using ethical practices, organic or wild-crafted growing methods and sustainable harvesting practices.   With this care and attention, we ensure that you receive the highest therapeutic grade NamanaLiri™ oils. We are happy to provide certificate of analysis information for any of our oils at any time.

ARTISINAL OILS: 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Our essential oils come from organic or wild-crafted plants, as necessary to ensure their best therapeutic qualities.  Our oils are obtained through the most direct and least invasive practices, and extracted with gentle expression to provide the purest, high-quality, essences available.