Soldout Basic Minerals Set

Basic Minerals Set



The Basic Mineral Set has a NEW Name . . .

Introducing: The Advanced Electrolyte & Micronutrient Support Set

The same great tasting set of minerals, with a new brand name and look!


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This Starter Pack Includes:

- 1 ENERGIZE™ - Liquid Fulvic Mineral Supplement (32 oz.)

- 1 VIBRANCE™ - Liquid Fulvic & Humic Mineral Supplement (32 oz.)

What is ENERGIZE™?

ENERGIZE™ liquid fulvic mineral complex is an exceptional, highly bio-available source of 70+ ionic minerals, trace elements and amino acids, providing foundational support for optimum health and vibrancy. Respectfully sourced from ancient fresh-water plant deposits, ENERGIZE™ has a pleasing golden hue that is nearly flavorless and easy to consume.

What is VIBRANCE™?

VIBRANCE™ is a liquid humic-fulvic mineral complex. Like ENERGIZE, it is also an exceptional, highly bio-available source of 70+ ionic minerals, trace elements and amino acids. The humic mineral complex in VIBRANCE™ provides optimal support for detoxification; chelating with heavy metals, binding with free-radicals and carrying bio-waste and toxins out of the body. It’s deep rich hue is similar to that of a cup of coffee or dark tea, yet the flavor is surprisingly mild and pleasant.


What are humic & fulvic minerals?

Humic & fulvic minerals are a naturally occurring by-product of decomposed ancient fresh-water plants. These highly bio-available essential minerals are extremely valuable, providing powerful cellular nutrition assimilation and detoxification support for optimal function of every aspect of the human body. Here's the Basics:

  • - These minerals are Naturally occurring organic by-products of decomposed ancient fresh water plants
  • - They provide life-sustaining mineral elements necessary for health and vibrance
  • - Humic minerals are best known as ‘free radical collectors’ that carry toxins out of the body
  • - Fulvic minerals are best known as transporters of nutrients into and toxins out of, the body’s cells