What makes NamanaLiri™ products exceptional?

Ancient to the Future

Ancient peoples around the globe saw the world as an alive place. Every material and all matter had an identity that was seen and honored. Ancient plant wisdom has provided a pharmacopeia of uses for plant essences – the gifts of nature in co-evolution with humans. Every material comes with a prototypical design, purpose and pattern for expressing its highest potential. NamanaLiri™ brings ancient plant wisdom together with modern science, engaging the highest potential of our products to enhance their potency and bolster efficacy.

Walking our Talk

We’re thrilled with each and every product NamanaLiri™ offers. We personally use our products every day and have validated the quality and efficacy of each and every one. We have found sources around the globe for the finest, purest raw materials and have created signature products that support people in their daily lives.  We are excited to now be able to share our products with the you.

NamanaLiri Products are SMART™

NamanaLiri™ products have been energetically engaged, in a proprietary process, so the deepest innate healing wisdom of the plant materials are made available to support individual health, wellness and personal growth. We refer to our products as SMART products. What does SMART mean?

We may not always know what your body needs at the deepest level, but our products know how to interact with your system to support you.

Artisinal Batches

One way we maintain a sacred connection to our products is by creating them in limited batches. Mass production may be cost effective, but can interfere with our relationship to the essence of the materials. This close interaction adds value far beyond that which affects profits or the bottom line.

All Natural, Gentle Expression

All things carry with them the energetic blueprint of everything they have experienced.  If a plant is grown in a hot house, with pesticides and chemicals, or if a mineral is processed using chemicals, the material is left with a lingering chemical residue.  This is easy to see when looking at the homegrown tomatoes that come from your own lovingly created garden.  The tomato will glow and be sweetened with your love and attention.  This understanding is a fundamental cornerstone of our philosophy.

NamanaLiri™ SMART Oils

Many essential oils are extracted using astringent chemicals, solvents and harsh agitation. Such methods are not only disrespectful to the plant, but can degrade beneficial compounds. We know that where the plant material was grown, how it was grown, how it was harvested, how the essences were extracted and how the raw essences are stored, packaged and shipped can make fundamental differences to the end result.  To this end, we have stringent requirements and only accept the highest therapeutic grade oils for our products.  We are happy to provide certificate of analysis information for any of our oils at any time.

Essential Oil Singles

Our essential oils come only from organic or wild-crafted plants, are obtained through the least invasive practices, and extracted with gentle expression to provide the purest essences available.

Essential Oil Blends

NamanaLiri’s essential oil experts approach blending from an alchemical, synergetic frame of reference, rather than the chemical-mechanical perspective. In other words, the blends we offer are formulated in co-creation with the oils themselves, literally, the oils are teaching us how to best combine and use them.

NamanaLiri™ SMART Minerals

NamanaLiri™ Minerals are of the highest quality, plant-sourced minerals in a liquid, highly bio-available form. Our minerals are mined from ancient plant deposits using green methods. They are extracted via a unique proprietary process, which gently and rapidly releases the pure minerals, while reducing energy consumption, CO2 emission and harmful residuals. No violent treatment or toxic extraction methods, astringent chemicals, petroleum-based solvents or acids are used in the preparation of our minerals.

Minerals: Necessary Components of a Thriving Physiology

It is a scientific reality that minerals are primary elements needed for the body’s strength, stability, vitality and over-all wellness. Unfortunately in today’s world, many don’t understand the vital need for mineral supplementation. What used to be considered ‘alternative’ is now a necessary component of thriving physiology in our modern life.

“Our physical well being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take into our systems, than upon calories or vitamins or upon the precise proportion of starch, protein, or carbohydrates we consume. No man today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his stomach with mineral salts he requires for perfect health.”

2nd Session – 72nd Meeting of the US Congress, 1934