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NamanaLiri™ was founded by Dan Howard, along with a small group of like-minded folks, to provide a pragmatic and constructive model for living. Encompassed in the three words, Freedom, Friendship and Co-creation, our paradigm sees the entire universe as an alive, responsive, engaging place filled with potential and possibility for co-creation.

We have laughingly referred to ourselves as a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs who have come together to co-create a way through the challenges that face our world. We bring an intent to live relationships, business and LIFE with transparency and gratitude.

NamanaLiri™ is not our company. It is an interactive, engaging entity filled with potential and possibility for co-creation with all of us. It is an entity that resonates with the values of Sacred Commerce. We welcome and encourage your participation as we co-create something joyful, new and soul-fulfilling.


“NamanaLiri” literally means Friendship and Freedom. These two words encompass an entire, holistic paradigm of thought, being and action in the world. In finding ways to communicate the core intent of this paradigm, we turned to international expressions for each term – then combined them to create a sound that rolls off the tongue easily, in a manner that is resonant with the paradigm. Let’s break it down:

NAMANA is a Malagasy term that translates into English as: Friend, fellow, close, companion. With its close kinship sound to ‘Namaste’ we also include the deepest meaning of the Sanskrit term, “the Spirit in me honors/sees the Spirit in you”. So as we include the meaning FRIENDSHIP, in our name, we do so with the deepest respect, honor, and love. It’s a word we use deliberately and with purpose.

LIRI is an Albanian word that translates into English as Freedom. When we first heard the word LIRI, it resonated with the dynamic aspect of what we are co-creating. Liri brings Namana into action, communicating the active component of what true Friendship can look and feel like…Freedom.


the active component of life, combined with

the gentle source,

Freedom & Friendship combining
to co-create a beautiful and inspiring opportunity.


NamanaLiri™ is founded for the purpose of building a community of freedom, friendship and co-creation. NamanaLiri™ integrates the principles of Sacred Commerce with its values of taking an holistic approach, engaging open communication and trusting authenticity. We offer SMART essential oils, minerals and other unique proprietary artisinal products that open greater life-force, wellness and vitality into every-day living.

We are founded on the principles of freedom, friendship and co-creation, the spirit of NamanaLiri™ invites people to engage the opportunity for personal growth and expansion. To our extended community of like-hearted people around the globe, we offer an example of dynamic living, loving and co-creation.


NamanaLiriFOUNDER: Dan Howard

Dan is a long-time businessman, business consultant/coach, entrepreneur, mystic, founder of Intentional Resting, Shaman, Spiritual teacher, and seeker of the Truth of All Things. Dan’s work has been recognized and spoken about by many, including Jack Canfield, Martha Beck, Gay & Katie Hendricks, and featured in publications including Oprah Magazine and other high-profile publications.

Dan’s journey has taken him far and wide, giving him a depth and breadth of experience and the ability to communicate clearly and transformationally about Freedom, Friendship and Co-creation. Having been through the fire, he speaks authoritatively about the process of shifting one’s paradigm and his pragmatic and down to earth approach is refreshing and useful to those on the path.


 We’re thrilled with each and every product NamanaLiri™ offers. We personally use our products every day and have validated the quality and efficacy of each and every one. We have scoured the globe for the finest, purest sources and are excited to now share them with the you, our NamanaLiri™ community.

We currently offer a range of essential oil singles and unique artisinal blends as well as an array of exceptional humic and fulvic mineral products.


Ancient to the Future

Ancient peoples around the globe saw the world as an alive place. Every material and all matter had an identity that was seen and honored. Ancient plant sciences have brought us a pharmacopeia of uses for plant essences – the gifts of nature in co-evolution with humans. Every material comes with a prototypical design, purpose and pattern for expressing its highest potential. NamanaLiri™ brings ancient plant wisdom together with modern science, engaging the highest potential of our products to enhance their potency and bolster efficacy.

SMART Products

NamanaLiri™ products have been energetically engaged, in a proprietary process, so the deepest innate healing wisdom of the plant materials are made available to support individual health, wellness and personal growth. We refer to our products as SMART products. What does SMART mean?

S Synergetic; Our products work cooperatively with you.
M Matter; The material substances that make up our products are
A Adaptogenic; promoting systemic homeostasis
R Resonant; producing a resonant vibration and are
T Transformative.

We may not always know what your body needs at the deepest level, but our products know how to interact with your system to support you.


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