“ Lack of minerals in the human diet is at the root of all disease.”
Dr. Gary Price Todd, Author of Nutrition, Health and Disease

NamanaLiri™ Minerals: What a Surprise!

NamanaLiri™ Minerals are plant-sourced fulvic and humic mineral complexes in a highly bio-available liquid form. You’ve probably never heard of “fulvic” and “humic”.  Don’t worry, most people haven’t. But fulvic and humic mineral complexes are super important! They are the thing that ALL plants and animals (on earth) use to facilitate cellular nourishment and detoxification and they provide essential building blocks for many of the body’s fundamental functions and processes.  To find out more about the benefits of humic and fulvic minerals check out our Humic Fulvic Primer:

Download the Humic & Fulvic Mineral Primer

To find out more about the benefits of humic and fulvic minerals check out our Humic Fulvic Primer

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NamanaLiri™ Minerals: What Makes Them Different

Our minerals are mined from ancient plant deposits, using green methods. A process which gently and rapidly releases the pure minerals along with the precious fulvic and humic properties, while reducing energy consumption, CO2 emission and harmful residuals. No violent treatment or toxic extraction methods, astringent chemicals, petroleum-based solvents or acids are used in the preparation of our minerals. Ever!

An important aspect to the harvesting process is the unique proprietary extraction process which, as mentioned above, preserves the mysterious fulvic and humic properties which add their own powerful dimension to the unique health benefits of NamanaLiri™ Minerals

Necessary Components of a Thriving Physiology

It is a scientific reality that minerals are primary elements needed for the body’s strength, stability, vitality and over-all wellness.  Unfortunately in today’s world, many don’t understand the vital need for mineral supplementation. What used to be considered ‘alternative’ is now a necessary component of thriving physiology in our modern life.

“Our physical well being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take into our systems, than upon calories or vitamins or upon the precise proportion of starch, protein, or carbohydrates we consume.  No man today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his stomach with mineral salts he requires for perfect health.”

2nd Session – 72nd Meeting of the US Congress, 1934

Transportation for Cell Nutrients and the pH Manager

  • Minerals function as vital building blocks, specifically in the formation of bones and teeth as well as assisting tissue growth
  • Minerals help maintain and balance the pH, keeping the acid-alkaline balance of the blood, tissue and body fluids at a specific pH to maintain life
  • Minerals provide the transportation for nutrients in and toxins out of every cell in our bodies
  • Your cells can only metabolize the vitamins and nutrients you need, with the assistance of trace minerals. No matter how many vitamin supplements you take, without minerals, your cells will be unable to metabolize them

NamanaLiri™ SMART Minerals

NamanaLiri™ minerals have been energetically engaged – so the innate healing wisdom of these ancient plant materials are made available to support individual health, wellness and personal growth. We refer to our products as SMART products. What does SMART mean?

     S   Synergetic; Our products work cooperatively with you.
     M   Matter; The material substances that make up our products are
     A   Adaptogenic; promoting systemic homeostasis
     R   Resonant; producing a resonant vibration and are
     T   Transformative;

We may not always know what your body needs at the deepest level, but our products know how to interact with your system to support you.