Information for NamanaLiri™ Affiliates

Affiliate Program Overview

We are excited about the new Namanaliri™ Affiliate Program. We believe it will prove to be a great vehicle for those interested in building a business or simply earning credit towards the purchase of their own product. Below are the details. 

Affiliate Program Opt-in: All current NamanaLiri™ Members will have the opportunity to Opt-in into the Affiliate Program via an online registration form.

No Purchase Requirements:  There are no monthly purchasing requirements for Affiliates.  

 Affiliate Program Structures: The NamanaLiri™ Affiliate Program is a straight forward program that provides a 15% commission for Affiliates on all purchases made by their customers.

Evergreen Earning Profile:
The NamanaLiri™ Affiliate program provides "evergreen" earnings, which means that our system links your customers with you forever. Every time one of your customer's makes a purchase, you get the credit! No matter how long it has been since they ordered, or whether or not they came to our site via your Affiliate link.

Affiliate Links: The Affiliate program primarily works via Affiliate web links, which are provided to you in your Back Office. Affiliate links are customizable.

Affiliate Payments: Affiliates will have the option of being paid for their accrued commissions or using their Affiliate credits towards online purchases.
Here are the basics of the program:

  • Accrued Credits up to $100 will be provided back to the Affiliate as credit on their account and may be applied to their online purchases.
  • Accrued Credits above $100 will be provided to the Affiliate via PayPal, CashApp or Venmo by the 15th of the month after the period closing date (end of a month).

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate Back-Office: Once registered, each Affiliate will gain access to their mobile-friendly Back- Office page, which will show their earnings, affiliate link and other information.

Cool Affiliate Tools: 
Through the Affiliate Back-Office it is possible to send your friends your Affiliate link, or even send them a prep-prepared invoice for products that might interest them.

Special Affiliate Discounts: Special discount coupons will be provided to Affiliates for specific products. 

Performance Rewards:  We reserve the right to acknowledge our high-performing affiliates with free product, special discounts, free gifts and other signs of our deepest appreciation and LOVE!

Affiliate Policies and Procedures

To access NamanaLiri Affiliate Policies and Procedures click HERE.

Affiliate FAQs

For information about how to log in, and use the Affiliate back office click HERE




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