Welcome to NamanaLiri™.

NamanaLiri™ was founded to provide a pragmatic and constructive model for living.  Encompassed in the three words, Freedom, Friendship and Co-creation, our paradigm sees the entire universe as an alive, responsive, engaging place filled with potential and possibility for co-creation.

We have laughingly referred to ourselves as a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs who have come together, found a place to land, and are learning to co-create a way through the challenges that face our world. We bring an intent to live relationships, business and LIFE with transparency and great gratitude.

NamanaLiri™  is a company that is dynamic, open and filled with the potential for co-creation with all of us.   We resonate with the values of Sacred Commerce and encourage your participation as we build something joyful, new and soul-fulfilling.

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We’re thrilled with each and every product NamanaLiri™ offers. We personally use our products every day and have validated the quality and efficacy of each and every one. We have found sources around the globe for the finest, purest raw materials and are excited to now be able to share our products with the you, our NamanaLiri™ community.

We currently offer a range of products including single  essential oils and unique artisinal blends, as well as an array of exceptional humic and fulvic mineral products.


Ancient to the Future

Ancient peoples around the globe saw the world as an alive place.  Every material and all matter had an identity that was seen and honored.  Ancient plant sciences have brought us a pharmacopeia of uses for plant essences – the gifts of nature in co-evolution with humans. Every material comes with a prototypical design, purpose and pattern for expressing its highest potential.  NamanaLiri™ brings ancient plant wisdom together with modern science, engaging the highest potential of our products to enhance their potency and bolster efficacy.

SMART Products

NamanaLiri™ products have been energetically engaged, in a proprietary process, so the deepest innate healing wisdom of the plant materials are made available to support individual health, wellness and personal growth. We refer to our products as SMART products. What does SMART mean?

S   Synergetic; Our products work cooperatively with you.

M   Matter; The material substances that make up our products are

A   Adaptogenic; promoting systemic homeostasis

R   Resonant; producing a resonant vibration and are

T   Transformative.

We may not always know what your body needs at the deepest level, but our products know how to interact with your system to support you.

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The Invitation:

Isn’t it funny how things and people come together at specific times in our lives. We are happy that we’ve found each other in this crazy world. Just that is a miracle! We have laughingly referred to ourselves as a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs who have come together, found a place to express, and are learning to co-create a new way of being. We bring an intent to live relationships, business and LIFE with transparency and  gratitude. We call ourselves a community, because we feel like a group of individuals with common interests and dreams. A people that want to help and be the ones we have been waiting for.

We invite you to come as you are and join us in Freedom and Friendship. We invite you to bring your strengths and beauty, as well as your challenges and weaknesses. All of you, wherever you are in the moment. We want to see what is possible when the world around and inside us is experienced as alive, dynamic and ever-open to interaction and transformation. We hope you will join is in this Grand Experience.


NamanaLiriis a membership driven company. We are engaging network marketing as our business model because we believe our products speak for themselves and provide a tremendous opportunity.  Once you try them, you may well find yourself telling your friends, relatives and neighbors about them and what you’ve experienced as a result of using them.  That being the case,  we want you to have the opportunity to reap some of the rewards of our product’s success.

Each level of participation in NamanaLiri includes:

  • Access to high level products that include a curated collection of proprietary and artisanal products.
  • Invitations to community participation events (in-person and virtual)
  • Opportunities to share the products, earn enough to cover your investment in your products and/or to supplement your household income, and even to replace income from another source

Each level of engagement is up to you, based on your interest and inspiration.

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Sacred Commerce is the participation of a community in the exchange of products, information, and services that contribute to the revealing of the Divine (i.e. beauty, goodness, and truth) in all, and where spirituality — the return to the Self — is the bottom line.

This is participation that is sourced in celebration and joy, with choice and responsibility at its core, versus a participation that is weighted down with duty and obligation, demands and expectations. It is a participation involving co-creation, where one already knows how to create by oneself, but prefers to create with others. A place where we share the success of creation equally and take full responsibility for any failure. After all there is no one to blame.

Think of NamanaLiri™ as a portal that allows you to experience a rarified atmosphere; of a world where commerce is a sacred activity that elevates human relationships and accelerates cultural evolution. The aim of Sacred Commerce is to combine the genius of many minds as we further the adventure and exploration. Your help, energy, curiosity, and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Participate with us in whatever manner makes your heart sing.

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